Tesla installs a swimming pool in a Supercharger to swim in while charging

Tesla has no shortage of ideas for entertaining drivers while charging their electric vehicle, and its latest was to install an above-ground swimming pool not far from the Supercharger terminals.

Credit: Tesla Welt Podcast

In order to make your wait less painful while the battery of your electric car recharges at the Supercharger, Tesla already has several projects in the pipelinesuch as opening its own restaurants, or even offering drivers an open-air cinema.

In Germany, Tesla had an even crazier idea: installing a swimming pool next to the terminals. Is the Hilden’s Superchargerone of the largest in the country with 40 terminals, that Tesla has set up an above-ground swimming pool for drivers. Placed in a small black container above ground, the “SuperPool” is probably heated using the company’s own solar panels, which take time to pay off in homes. At night, the pool is protected by a liner.

A Tesla Supercharger has a swimming pool to keep you waiting

For those who are passing through the region, Tesla indicates on the software of the cars that the swimming pool will be open from August 4 or August 28, 2022, from Thursday to Sunday and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. The pool will be limited to 4 places, and users will only be able to stay for 10 minutes each. If you don’t know what to do once in the water, Tesla even provides two inflatable balloons with company logo.

This trial lasts only a month, and if it is successful, it is hoped that Tesla will equip other Superchargers with swimming pools in the following years. Until then, we know that Tesla could soon improve its V3 Superchargers and increase their power up to 324 kW. This would allow compatible cars to be able to charge even faster, with the aim of relieve congestion at stations and reduce driver journey times.

In the video below, you can see the Tesla Welt Podcast channel tour the Hilden Supercharger and provide an overview of Tesla’s facility and swimming pool, which is not accessible only on presentation of proof that you own a company vehicle.

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