Tesla Model 2: we know a (little) little more

Tesla is enjoying undeniable success, to which its Model Y, which is at the top of sales in Europe, is no stranger. However, developing a new automobile brand at high speed is not easy and requires colossal investments. Let us remember that the firm is going through a turbulent period on the social level, with a dockers’ strike born in Sweden and which is gradually spreading throughout the Scandinavian world. And if Tesla is making a lot of noise at the moment with its Cybertruck, it is certainly not this very exclusive giant which should generate the most sales, especially in Europe. The salvation of the brand could on the contrary come from the entry level, in quotes, with the famous Model 2. A model which should start at €25,000 and could allow Tesla to resist the surge of Chinese models.

Suspense, more suspense

Elon Musk recently discussed the Model 2 during an interview broadcast on YouTube with Sandy Muro, a highly publicized automotive engineer across the Atlantic. The South African billionaire thus confirmed that the technical development of this more affordable model was already very advanced. He thus indicated that his teams “are working on a low-cost electric vehicle that will be manufactured in high volume“. We may be surprised by this statement, as no authenticated prototype of this new car has yet been seen on the road during testing sessions. But we are never safe from a surprise with Tesla.

The bulk of the work seems to be focused on reducing the manufacturing costs of the Model 2. Elon Musk confides that “the manufacturing of this vehicle will be a real revolution that will amaze people“. This involves the design itself, but also through new generation assembly lines. Some observers evoke the emergence of 3D printing and even more robotic lines. Another possibility, the deployment of giant presses generating 16,000 tons of pressure… The structure of the future economical Tesla could thus be made up of a single large part, compared to 400 for classic cars.

The initial schedule providing for production to begin in 2024 seems difficult to maintain at first glance. The Model 2 will be assembled in the brand’s Mexican factory, but also in the Gigafactories in China and Berlin.

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