Tesla: Monitoring feature for German e-cars at an end?

Teslas are superior to other electric cars in many areas. Above all, the software that American e-cars offer often goes far beyond that of the competition. In one case too far: There are now indications that a sharply criticized monitoring function for German Teslas could soon no longer be available.

Is Tesla Restricting Surveillance? Live broadcast could disappear

Many a German Tesla fan could be in for an unpleasant surprise: Definitely controversial “guard mode” could be restricted for customers in Germany will. This is what the well-known Twitter user and Tesla connoisseur @tesla_adri points out:

So the guard mode (English: Sentry Mode) should have been revised. Until now, Tesla owners have been able to use the to be able to follow what is happening in the vicinity of their parked e-car live via their smartphone, this will probably be the end of it now. According to the tweet, this is evident from the Tesla configurator.

There she is Removed description of “Live Camera” function the premium feature of sentinel mode, which can transmit encrypted recordings to a connected smartphone. According to @tesla_adri, the description in Germany is now the same as in Switzerland. The live transmission of the camera recordings is not offered there.

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Police and consumer protection: Tesla’s sentinel mode is not well received

It is not known whether the function will actually disappear – just as little as Tesla’s possible reasons for this step. In any case, this deactivates a function that last publicly criticized was: The Berlin police and the responsible State Criminal Police Office wanted to ban Tesla from their properties – but withdrew the initiative.

Teslas are actually supposed to make their owners’ lives easier with software – but the autopilot, which can be seen in the video, isn’t running smoothly either.

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The concern: camera recordings of the e-cars could store security-related information and such jeopardize the work of police and law enforcement and the safety of officers. This risk cannot be ruled out once the live broadcast has ended. Teslas can still scan their surroundings with cameras and save the images.

The problems don’t end there: consumer advocates already have Tesla dragged into court to put an end to Guardian Mode. The e-cars could take pictures of people at any time and thus violate their personal rights. At worst, this could become a costly problem for drivers.

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