Tesla now allows Powerwall batteries to be purchased separately from solar panels

Nearly two years after Powerwall sales closed due to shortages, Tesla has just announced that it is once again possible to purchase these storage batteries separately. It is not necessary to also buy the solar panels to benefit from it. For the time being, only a few American regions have access to the offer.

Credits: Tesla

In 2020, Tesla launched its Solar Roof program, turning the automaker into an electricity supplier. The principle is simple: offer users the opportunity to obtain solar panels, whose energy is then stored in batteries called Powerwall and allows power home applianceseven on cloudy days.

For Tesla, it’s a success. On the one hand, the technology is proving to be particularly effective in producing electricity. Then it led to the creation of Tesla Electric, a division responsible for reselling this electricity on a dedicated network, diversifying the firm’s sources of income. But the company also faced unplanned obstacles.

Tesla’s Powerwall batteries are back on the market

Indeed, in 2020, a small phenomenon called “shortage of components” happened which undermined all of the manufacturer’s production. As a result, the latter ended up no longer allowing the purchase of its storage batteries separately, while the latter had many difficulties in becoming profitable. Two years later, things are finally back to normal.

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Indeed, Tesla announced this week that it is again possible to buy the Powerwalls separately. Not everyone, however, can enjoy it yet. So far, only a few “selected US markets” are affected by this reopening. If you are in an uncovered area, the manufacturer’s website indicates “evaluate the next areas to be served” and calls to “Reserve your Powerwall to help us grow in your area. »

Be that as it may, technology is not still not available in France, separately or not. This reopening of sales is still good news for those interested, who will certainly have less difficulty in obtaining supplies in due time.

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