Tesla offers the equivalent of 1 year of charging on its Superchargers, but watch out for small lines

Tesla is offering a new incentive to boost sales of its electric vehicles. By ordering and taking delivery of a new model before the end of June, drivers benefit from 20,000 km of free charging on Superchargers.

tesla offer june

You’re here is a company that never stops innovating, not only in the automotive field, but also in the entertainment field. Recently, the company expanded its offering by integrating 75 new games through YouTube Playables that allow users to play directly from their vehicle’s screen. However, for the end of this quarter, the electric car manufacturer is offering a new incentive to encourage sales of its cars.

Tesla offers 20,000 km recharge on Superchargers free for all order and delivery of a new vehicle before June 29, 2024. This offer applies to Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X, for both custom orders and pre-configured vehicles. This bonus represents a significant saving, because it represents just over a year of use for the average annual mileage of French people and much more for those who live in large cities.

You will need to have your Tesla delivered before the end of June to benefit from the offer

To benefit from this offer, it is important to note that it is imperative to respect delivery times. If the latter is not carried out before the deadline, Tesla reserves the right to cancel this lovely gift. However, if a delay is due to circumstances controlled by the manufacturer, the future driver can still benefit from the advantage by picking up their vehicle on the first available date.

Knowing that it is necessary between 2 and 5 weeks to receive your car, it may be that only some lucky people can actually take advantage of this offer. The latter can still be combined with the financing program available for the model and configuration concerned.

Charging credits for Superchargers are not not transferable to another vehicle or another person and they will unfortunately lose their validity in the event of a change of owner. The offer is only valid while stocks last and of course excludes used vehicles.

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