Tesla: parking your car at the Supercharger without charging it could cost you dearly

When you go to a Supercharger, it’s often because your car needs to be recharged, but some owners confuse terminals with simple parking spaces.

Credits: Tesla

While Teslas are multiplying at high speed on the roads, places at the Superchargers are becoming increasingly rare, despite Tesla’s efforts to dig out more and more new stations each year. This shortage of places in some charging stations is sometimes simply due to bad behavior.

Indeed, it happens that some owners of electric cars simply park their Tesla next to Supercharger terminals, but without charging their car. This quickly creates a shortage of spaces for those who really need to plug in their vehicle. Luckily, drivers are pretty creative, and have found a way to punish owners for parking their car without charging it.

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You can make someone pay for not charging their car

On social networks, many drivers have stepped up to the plate in the face of this new scourge by revealing images of cars that were parked without recharging. To effectively combat this practice, Tesla drivers have developed a trick: plug in parked cars without the knowledge of their owners.

To plug in a Tesla, simply take the cable attached to the Supercharger terminal and place it in front of the vehicle hatch. Once the car detects the cable, the hatch opens, allowing you to plug it in. Once connected to the Supercharger, the car will therefore automatically start debiting the credit card linked to the car.

Some disgruntled drivers therefore have fun plugging cars that are simply parked in front of Superchargers in order to make them pay for their inconvenient parking. Parking your car in front of a terminal could therefore cost you dearly, especially if your Tesla’s battery is not full. We can therefore only advise you to free the terminals once your car has been recharged, and not to park in front of it if you do not need to plug it in.

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