Tesla signs a historic agreement, the AirTags reveal a traffic of fake donations, this is the recap

Tesla signs a historic agreement with General Motors, AirTags have brought to light a vast scam around fake humanitarian donations, Samsung could integrate a health feature capable of making the difference against the Apple Watch.

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What’s new in the Android and high-tech universe this Friday, June 9, 2023? First of all, we mentioned in our columns this study on the subscription gaming services sector. We learn in particular that the growth of Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation is at half mast, players preferring to turn more to the purchase of physical games.

In a completely different area, we have published our complete presentation of the Peugeot e-2008, the revamped version of the Lion brand’s electric SUV. Including interesting new features in terms of motorization and batteries, this model is also more attractive thanks to the addition of old options as standard.

In the rest of the news, it was about Marvel. And yes, Disney + and the House of Ideas have just published the first 5 minutes of Secret Invasion, its new series centered on Nick Fury’s character, still camped by the great Samuel L. Jackson. But without further ado, let’s see together what it was imperative to remember in the news this Friday, June 9, 2023.

Tesla signs historic agreement with General Motors

After Ford a few weeks ago, Tesla has just signed a historic agreement with General Motors. Thanks to this partnership, the American brand will be able to take advantage of Tesla’s Supercharger network. In return, it has undertaken to integrate Tesla’s proprietary NACS connector into its future electric cars. Casually, Tesla is significantly strengthening the position of its charging system.

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AirTags brought to light a traffic of fake humanitarian donations

This is the unusual and distressing story of the day. Journalist Pamela Cerdeira lifted the veil on a trafficking of associative funds in Mexico for the benefit of the earthquake in Türkiye. Using two AirTags, she discovered that promised humanitarian packages never arrived.

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Samsung could counter the Apple Watch with this improved feature

According to a patent application filed by Samsung, the South Korean manufacturer could integrate on its future Galaxy Watch a tool capable of accurately measuring your calorie consumption. To do this, the connected watch would use a spectroscope. A feature with unprecedented precision that could make the difference against Apple.

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