Tesla Supercharger: prices are finally coming down?!

Samir Rahmoun

May 12, 2023 at 5:15 p.m.


Tesla Supercharger

Recharging your electric vehicle will cost less if you are used to going through the Supercharger box!

In addition to being the world number 1 in electric vehicles, Tesla is also one of the largest installers of charging stations. Suffice to say that the drop in prices that is announced at its stations will have an impact on many people.

Electricity is much cheaper

The Russian-Ukrainian war that started more than a year ago has had a devastating effect on the state of the energy market. If in the end the dreaded power cuts in France did not take place, the price of this energy has on the other hand experienced major disturbances, with an explosive rise in the market, and a peak recorded last September.

But since then, prices have continued to fall, to the point of returning to the levels that they were at before the outbreak of hostilities by Moscow. And if this fortunate decline in prices has not yet been passed on to private bills, Tesla has however decided to follow the movement.

Tesla Model S © © Tesla

Driving a Tesla will cost less © Tesla

Discounts of up to -25%

And Elon Musk’s firm is sharply reducing its prices across the European continent, with average reductions of 10 to 20%. A market like that of Spain even sees its prices at the station drop by a sudden 25%. And the news does not only concern Tesla drivers, since hundreds of the manufacturer’s stations are now open in our country to all electric cars.

The American company is also not at its first attempt in slashed prices in 2023, since it has also reduced the price of its vehicles in recent months. And this, several times in the United States, but also in European Union countries, such as France, to the point that the brand’s cars are now eligible for the ecological bonus.

Source : Electrek

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