Tesla Supercharger V4: 600 kW potential charging power and longer cable

In 2022, Tesla accidentally revealed the design of its new V4 Supercharger when presenting plans for a new charging station. And in March 2023, the American car manufacturer officially inaugurated its first Supercharger V4 charging station. Composed of 16 terminals, it is located in the city of Harderwijk, 65 km from Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Initially, these new V4 Superchargers will only be accessible to owners of Tesla vehicles, before being gradually opened up to other brands. If the V3 Superchargers offered a charging speed of up to 250 kW, the V4 is announced as twice as powerful. However, to date, Tesla has made no statement about this.

It was therefore necessary to rely on the first users of this station, who for the occasion photographed the nameplates of the terminals. Rich in lessons, these indicate a nominal voltage of 1000 V and an intensity of 615 A. This means a charging speed of up to 600 kW.

In comparison, ultra-fast terminals (CCS) from other suppliers such as Ionity or Fastned display a voltage of 920 V and an intensity of 500 A for a theoretical charging speed of 460 kW. But in the field, it is limited to 350 kW. This is not due to the terminal, but to the vehicle itself, like the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT or Hyundai/Kia, which are based on an 800 V architecture.

In addition to the charging power, the new V4 Superchargers are taller and offer a longer charging cable, now fixed on the outside of the terminal, very useful for electric vehicles other than Tesla. On the other hand, there is no digital screen or card reader.

Tesla indicated that other V4 Superchargers were planned in Europe, without providing further details on their geographical distribution.

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