Tesla: the ‘Robo-taxi’ will be unveiled this summer

Photo credit © Tesla

(Boursier.com) — You’re here will unveil a ‘Robo-taxi’ on August 8, announced its CEO, Elon Musk, in a message published on ‘X’ Friday evening. Long-awaited, this vehicle of the future, presented for the first time to investors in 2019, has long been a key element in the car manufacturer’s high valuation. The company has repeatedly said its next-generation vehicle platform will support both a cheaper car and a dedicated robo-taxi.

Although Tesla has ‘teased’ both, it has yet to reveal prototypes. The billionaire’s splashy product announcements have long played a key role in Tesla’s ability to excite customers and investors without spending on traditional advertising. ‘Reuters’ reported on Friday that the carmaker had canceled plans for a cheaper electric vehicle and was devoting more resources to trying to bring a ‘robot taxi’ to market. E.Musk responded by saying “Reuters is lying”, without giving details.

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