Tesla wants to break boredom during charging by showing short films to its customers

Mathieu Grumiaux

May 23, 2022 at 3:05 p.m.


Tesla logo © © Austin Ramsey / Unsplash

© Austin Ramsey/Unsplash

The automaker has filed its plans for the construction of a restaurant and a bar, but also a drive-in allowing motorists to recharge their Tesla while having fun.

Tesla has more ideas to improve the quality of experience for its customers when they charge their electric vehicles. The American company proves it again today.

A Superchargers area with restaurant and cinema included

The manufacturer has indeed multiplied the functionalities such as the presence of video games or access to Netflix from the large screen of the Tesla in order to pass the time for motorists blocked for several tens of minutes when recharging their battery.

But Tesla wants to go much further and has filed plans for the construction of a park of Superchargers close to Hollywood, on Santa Monica Boulevard, one of the most famous arteries in Los Angeles.

This charging area, which includes 29 Superchargers, would be backed by a large complex including a restaurant and bars, but also two screens showing films to allow users to relax while their Model 3 or Model X is refueling.

A drive-in service to eat and enjoy movies without leaving your Tesla

In detail, Tesla imagines a building on several floors, the first of which would be used to accommodate a restaurant and a bar. On the second floor, there would be another bar on the roof as well as several rows of cinema seats directly overlooking the screens in order to enjoy the films.

For users who would like to enjoy the comfort of their vehicle, a drive-in system would also be set up, with waiters bringing drinks and food directly to the wheel.

The cinema will show short films lasting an average of 30 minutes, similar to that needed to fully charge an electric car.

Tesla asked the municipality of Los Angeles to operate the restaurant and bars 24 hours a day, but did not want an exemption for the hours for its cinema, which should only operate during the day and in the evening.

No additional information has filtered about the start date of the work envisaged by Tesla, and even less about that of the opening of this new concept.

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