Tesla will soon estimate waiting times at Supercharger stations

In early October 2023, Tesla released the latest version 2023.38 of its on-board computer software. For the occasion, the manufacturer has introduced several new features such as greater transparency for sharing location, or the automatic adjustment of windows during updates. However, according to the Not a Tesla App forum, the brand has discreetly integrated another rather practical functionality.

Credits: Tesla

This October 3, 2023, Tesla deployed the new software version of its on-board computer. With the 2023.38, the American manufacturer has made several improvements as well as some new features. For example, we note a plus great transparency on location sharing. In fact, an icon now appears on the infotainment screen when an app – including the Tesla app – asks for your location data.

Tesla also introduced a rather welcome modification that allows to avoid possible damage to your windows or doors. In fact, when you open the door of a Tesla, the windows lower slightly and then raise automatically. However, during software updates, it sometimes happens that the windows do not adjust, which can inevitably cause damage when closing the doors. Tesla has fixed this problem.

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Tesla to predict the number of Superchargers available

But what interests us most with this update is this functionality dedicated to Superchargers. In recent years, Tesla has increased the amount of information on Superchargers available to drivers. For example, we can know the number of terminals available at a station. Very practical, provided you are a few minutes from the station.

For good reason, it’s not much use knowing if there are any Superchargers available if you are one or two hours from your charging stop. Nothing says that there will be terminals available once there. And indeed, Tesla will now predict the number of accessible terminals when you arrive. Better yet, the driver will also be able to have an estimate of the waiting time at the station. To obtain this information, Tesla will use your location to approximately predict your arrival time at the station. Of course, the manufacturer will also use data from other Teslas heading to the same station to determine the availability of the terminals.

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