Tesla’s robot displays its impressive progress on video, but doubt lingers

Tesla recently shared a new video of Optimus, showing the robot performing factory tasks. The precision of the latter is admirable… to the point that some wonder if it is truly capable of doing what the manufacturer claims.

tesla optimus

Tesla regularly publishes videos of its Optimus robot to demonstrate the progress made by its engineers. Last Sunday, again: the manufacturer shared another video on the project’s X account (Twitter). And in fact, the progress is very impressive. We can see the robot arranging battery cells on a tray, a task that requires extreme precision.

Later in the video, Optimus freely walks around the office, seemingly without needing direction. Apparently, everything is going well. It is precisely for this reason that the video caused a little controversy among those who follow the news of the project closely. According to some commentators, the robot may not yet be fully autonomous, as Tesla suggests.

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The latest video of the Optimus robot does not convince

Indeed, in the middle of the video, Tesla indicates that the robot continues to be trained by a team of engineers, who guide its movements remotely from what looks like a VR headset. However, a few months ago, the manufacturer shared another video in which we see its robot folding clothes… while being controlled by humans.

It is therefore difficult to know whether Optimus is really autonomous or not in these last images. Others argue that it necessarily is, taking the announced launch date as proof. As a reminder, Tesla plans to use its robot in its factories by the end of the year. This should then arrive in our homes – at least, among those who can afford it – in 2025. However, it is fashionable to remember that Elon Musk has accustomed us to fanciful announcements, which quickly prove too good to be true.

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