Test: Diablo IV: a big boost (out of ten) for Blizzard

Once will not hurt, and you will forgive me, it will be necessary to use the first person to pose a certain context, and the effects of Diablo IV. It had been years since I had spent a sleepless night on a game. Family life, professional obligations, the desire to maintain a social life, the needs (sometimes illusory let’s be honest) of a healthy lifestyle correct… All this has led to limiting the hours of play to given ranges, so that everything coexists in a balanced way, and that the oligation of having to run several video game hares at the same time – the lot of any tester – can be respected. Then Diablo IV arrived. And he turned everything upside down. The title of Blizzard bewitched me as rarely a title had been able to do, shaking up all these principles. Its hyper-satisfying gameplay loop, its fascinating atmosphere, its science of detail, its love for the video game medium and for its fanbase, everything is there to grip the chest of the players, like a succubus taking advantage of the vital essence of its companion. ‘unfortunate. As Lilith would do with her flock in short. The Malice and the Curses of Diablo IV, all that is because of her, at no time did I want to resist her. And now, it is without any spoiler that I will make you dive into Hell with me.

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