TEST God of War: the PlayStation bomb finally on PC

God of war is a franchise that has marked the minds of many players through the generations. 2018, Kratos was back on our shelves, with a new adventure, a new grip and a new silky beard. Do not be scarred by words, this episode is a video game masterpiece that continues to thrill some aficionados. Four good years later, Sony Interactive Entertainment decides to release this bomb on PC. We therefore had the privilege of testing the monster before its release, it’s time to give you our impressions of this edition.

Simply incredible!

So let’s talk about the aspects that marked us. For starters, the graphics. Well, the developers have done a really good job of running such a title on small setups. Very pleasant thing, it is possible to modify some visual parameters (such as the quality of shadows, reflections, environments, etc.) to have an image according to our desires. So you can reduce some effects to try to get some fps additional. For people who have large machines at home, as well as a suitable screen, hold on tight, cause your jaw will drop to the ground

So you can enjoy an image in 4K and 60 fps, without dropping or slowing down. Another point if your heart tells you, you can increase the number of frames per second up to 120 fps. Point that we appreciated, there is an option that allows you to quickly manage the rendering in order to prioritize either performance or quality, or have a balance between the two, based on your hardware. It’s simple, fast, efficient and very practical! And if you like the grain, you can add some as you like to bring a cinematic feel to this production. Furthermore, the 21: 9 is there and allows to have a larger and much more appreciable image ; especially during clashes. With this format, and with flashy, crisp and detailed textures, we have the impression of rediscovering the game. Simply incredible!

Then there is the gameplay. Obviously, a question runs through the minds of some people: is such a production playable with the keyboard and the mouse? Light and heavy attacks are done with left and right clicks. By pressing R, we can recall our ax, F orders to perform an action to Atreus and Q blocks an offensive, among others. Everything is arranged perfectly so that our fingers slide easily on the keyboard. Only here, the action is so intense that it takes all the same a time of adaptation to control the movements of Kratos Perfectly. Of course, it is possible to connect a controller to have fun without the fuss. Finally, note that accessibility settings are present to manage camera shakes, sprinting (which we can switch to automatic) and many other things to help you play and discover this supercharged odyssey.

God of War essential test image

You don’t own any consoles Playstation at home, but a PC gaming and have always wanted to do this God of war ? Look no further, this pearl is finally here for you. There you have a phenomenal adaptation, offering a whole bunch of parameters to experience the adventures of Kratos and his son with a crazy and optimal rendering. Let us remember all the same that this God of war remains one of the most beautiful games ever made to this day. It will turn your stomach, move you, bewitch you … In other words, go for it and appreciate the beast!

God of War is available at € 44.99 instead of € 49.99 on Gamesplanet.

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  • A well-optimized title
  • Several visual parameters
  • Incredibly crisp and sharp textures, long live 4K
  • The 21: 9 brings another dimension to the game
  • Well thought-out keyboard / mouse gameplay …

The lessers

  • … but it takes time to adapt to master everything perfectly

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