Test: Have a Nice Death: Death suits him so well

To quote Terry Pratchett: “Yes, Death is a male, a necessary male“. And to manage the mortuary enterprise which consists in mowing down the souls of all human beings who have reached the end of their course, it is not enough to have an exacerbated awareness of the sense of duty and of a job well done. Faced with a charge of work that has evolved from easily manageable to difficult to manage, Death himself finds himself having to delegate tasks. To do this, the Grim Reaper hires Scourges who will take care of the dirty work, so that the Dark Master can focus on the paperwork. While the arrangement looks perfect on paper, over the centuries Death gradually loses interest in eternity and then all interest in his role as CEO of Death, Inc. Especially since the company is going down the drain, the Scourge having become far too zealous and out of control. On the verge of burnout, devoured by stress, the Grim Reaper decides to take matters into her own hands, and get Death, Inc. back on track, taking turns killing e arm all the failing underlings and other strongheads obsessed with the idea of ​​becoming CEO instead of the CEO.

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