Test hit in TICKER – LIVE: Liverpool pushes, but Salzburg’s defense holds

Red Bull Salzburg vs. FC Liverpool – here with us in the sportkrone.at-LIVETICKER you won’t miss anything from this game! It’s currently 1-0!

Here’s the LIVETICKER: Red Bull Salzburg is expecting a game with Champions League flair today. Top club Liverpool makes a guest appearance in the sold-out Bulls Arena. Memories of the legendary 3: 4 at Anfield Road are awakened. Unforgettable, magical, legendary! Salzburg fans will remember October 2, 2019 forever. That Wednesday, the Bulls made their debut appearance in the Champions League at Liverpool FC. The series champion was 0: 3 behind on Anfield Road – but suddenly it was 3: 3 after goals from Hwang, Minamino and Haaland. The fans who had traveled with them and the spectators in front of the TV screens were over the moon.Even if the game ended 4:3 to Jürgen Klopp’s team, it still has a special place among the Bulls’ supporters and enjoys cult status. Today there is another clash in the Test cracker, the “Reds” are guests in front of almost 30,000 fans in the sold-out Red Bull Arena in Siezenheim.Last endurance testKlopp and his team are in Saalfelden in Pinzgau this week and are contesting a training camp there. The duel with Matthias Jaissle’s team is just right for the islanders. Especially since it is the last endurance test before the Community Shield. There it is on Saturday against Manchester City for the first title of the season. “It’s a highlight,” said Bulls coach Jaissle, looking forward to the game. For the Bulls fans it’s the first big treat this season, and many more are to follow in the premier class. Jaissle announced that he would “try one or the other and change things up”. Defense boss Wöber will be absent due to illness. Klopp should probably handle it like his fellow coach. Which means viewers will likely see Liverpool’s full star ensemble.
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