TEST Logitech Pro X Superlight 2: ultra precise, ultra light, the perfect mouse?

At the beginning of the month, Logitech unveiled new products, including the Pro X Superlight 2a new lightweight mouse for gamers which incorporates all the modern technologies of the Swiss manufacturer. A mouse designed for competition, especially for shooting games, but not only, and designed in partnership with e-sport professionals. But, for ordinary people, is it worth it? Answer in our test.

The Pro X Superlight 2 is therefore an excellent mouse for gamers.

When opening the packaging, we checked that Logitech sent us the right mouse, because the Pro X Superlight 2 looks exactly like his little sister. The Swiss manufacturer did not change the chassis of its mouse, and it did well, as it was already excellent. Here we have a rather small model (12.5 cm in length, 63.5 cm in width and 4 cm in height) with a very good quality matte black plastic coating, which does not retain too many fingerprints. It’s all about sobriety, there aren’t even any RGB effects, just the logo Logitech G is there to remind us that this is a gaming mouse, even if the quality of the finish and the two buttons under the thumb are still clues. And yes, the Pro X Superlight 2 is designed for right-handed users onlyIt is kind of a shame.

The manufacturer has put a lot of emphasis on the light weight of its mouse, and that is understandable. The Pro X Superlight 2 weighs only 60 grams, it’s ultra light, the user moves the mouse effortlessly, but the PTFE skates ensure gliding as precise as it is fluid. The grip is perfect, the fingers fall perfectly on the buttons and the glide is pleasant, even if a small additional button under the wheel would have been a nice addition, if only to change the DPIs on the fly and not sacrifice those under the thumb. A notched wheel with vertical scrolling only, classic but effective, and the rubber texture is pleasant.

Pro X Superlight 2 Logitech Mouse Review (3)The buttons of the Pro X Superlight 2 use technology Lightforce hybrid optical/mechanical, for speed of execution and high reliability, while saving energy. In short, it is a laser which is cut and which sends the information, but the sensation is the same as with a classic click. It’s hard to see it as a huge revolution, but the click is nice and fast, with a good rebound for spam the orders, although the left and right clicks are a bit noisy in a quiet environment. Under the mouse, we find a cache to place the dongle USB (convenient for transport), and this is where the charging puck Powerplay is to be placed, if you have a compatible mouse pad.

The mouse Pro X Superlight 2 comes with a USB-C cable (not braided), but the latter is mainly used for recharging or to accommodate the dongle wireless. Because yes, the mouse Logitech is much nicer to use wirelessly, to make the most of its lightness. The little dongle also allows you to benefit from the refresh rate at 2,000 Hz. The manufacturer has opted for a Hero 2 sensor with 500 IPS and up to 32,000 DPI, an absurdly high figure that is never achieved by the user, but at least the latter is spoiled for choice in the settings, with five sensitivity levels in memory, to be set to within 5 DPI! The precision is there, and it is obviously possible to record all of this via profiles in the software G Hub.

The latter is also entitled to a nice update to accompany the Pro X Superlight 2, adding a bunch of settings. User can adjust the reporting rate by wired or wireless, calibrate the sensor hero depending on the surface, adjust the mouse takeoff distance, refine the DPIs along the X and Y axes (horizontal and vertical), creating unique profiles perfectly suited to each useand in every game. If patience is not your strong point, presets Logitech G are offered, and users can share their profiles with the community, there are already quite a few for the most popular games. Of course, the key settings are also there, with classic actions and macros, no big new features here.

Pro X Superlight 2 Logitech Mouse Review (1)

The Pro X Superlight 2 is therefore an excellent mouse for gamersbut that won’t surprise anyone. The first model was already ideal, Logitech has only improved it with its recent technologies. The ultra-high DPIs are a bit gimmicky, but the numerous, very fine-tuned settings in G Hub are a real plus, the precision is there, as is the comfort of use. The lightness of the mouse is appreciable, and what can we say about the autonomy! Logitech announces 95 hours with a single charge, it is difficult to count precisely, but we haven’t recharged the Pro X Superlight 2 all week, despite daily and intensive use. If you are looking for a small mouse for FPSlight and precise, the Pro X Superlight 2 is an excellent pickaxe… despite its only two additional buttons.

You can find the Logitech Pro Amazon and to Fnac.


  • The ideal grip
  • Lightness (60 g!)
  • Pleasant clicks, with excellent rebound
  • The very precise sensor
  • The complete G Hub software

The lessers

  • An additional button would not have been luxury
  • Only for right-handed people

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