Test: Loop8 Summer of Gods is infinitely magnified

The lucky (and bilingual) who were able to test Gun Parade March will be on familiar ground here, since the concept is very similar: here, the social relations between characters once again determine their effectiveness in combat. More precisely, Loop8 allows us to follow the daily life of Nini, a teenager who has just landed on Earth and who has the luxury of settling in the early 80s in the small Japanese town of Ashihara. Born on the Hope space station, a sort of refuge following the invasion of the Kegai, mystical and evil creatures, Nini is an orphan and does not know anyone there, despite the fact that some of the characters present before him in this bucolic city seem to be linked to our main character in one way or another (family, friendship, etc.). In contact with demons, the young high school student obtains new powers, which allow him to see the invisible (moods, prescience) and to use his relations and his social status to undo the plans of the invader at each loop, which is always ends after one month on the same date in August. In case of defeat, Nini will thus have plenty of time to go back to her beginnings, forging new links to gain power, and discover new information about this hostile land and these enigmatic enemies that seem impossible to defeat at first sight.

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