Test phase running – four-day week: new staff found quickly

The four-day, 36-hour week gave the Parkhotel Brunauer in Salzburg new opportunities on the job market. Five new employees joined the company in May.

Will the four-day week also become an established model for the future in the catering and hotel industry? The chances are not bad at the Parkhotel Brunauer. As reported, a test phase has been running in the Salzburg company since May and has only had positive effects since then. In addition to satisfied employees and guests, manager Manuel Uguet emphasizes one thing in particular: “We have no problems finding employees again. I thought there weren’t any cooks anymore. Now we have found two new ones.” From at least 45 to 36 hours Two service staff and one cleaning staff have also found their way to the hotel since May. “For me, the change was extreme,” reports Jessica. She previously had a job in the hospitality industry that worked at least 45 hours a week. The lack of staff led to additional stress. Waitress Lisa also dared to go to Brunauer because of the four-day week. But not only full-time employees benefit from the new regulation, but also part-time employees. “To make it fair, they too have a ten percent hourly reduction for the same wages,” explains the hotel manager. Incidentally, the test phase should run until the end of the year. Demands were implemented in-house It is no coincidence that the four-day week with 36 hours and full wage compensation was introduced at Brunauer. The points have long been demands of the Salzburg Chamber of Labor – they are the owners of the hotel.
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