test the position of the bridge, which allows you to reach orgasm simultaneously


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If we are talking to you about bridging the gap, it is not in the perspective of a long weekend but rather to experience a penetrative sexual relationship different from the eternal missionary. The bridge could even allow you to reach orgasm simultaneously …

The “bridge sex position” is not that complicated as it looks. It suffices that the person penetrated lies on his back, places all his weight on his shoulders in order to lift the pelvis by aligning the knees to the thighs. Such an angle allows the one who penetrates to stimulate erogenous zones that are too often forgotten, such as the buttocks, stomach, chest or head. For those who do not have the balance of a gymnast, you can put a cushion under your hips so that you can lift yourself up without having to put all your weight on your shoulders.

On the contrary, for those who would like to increase the challenge and the acrobatics, a variant of the bridge exists, where you wrap your legs around the hips of the one who enters you, leaning on your elbows or even your hands. Note that this position applies to all types of penetration: with his penis, with his tongue, his hands or a sextoy. Raising their hips allows better communication between the two partners since the person being penetrated can guide the other with their pelvis, depending on whether they want the pace to speed up or slow down. However, better communication between the bodies often makes it possible to reach orgasm at the same time.

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The position of the bridge leaves more space for caresses

Penetration is not always easy to manage, especially when performing vaginismus or when the anus does not relax. This position can therefore make it possible to reappropriate penetrative relationships through accessories, fingers and tongue. Indeed, it leaves room for more control and nuance in the pace of the report. The position of the bridge also leaves more space for caresses (those of the other or those that we lavish ourselves).

Vary the angles, positions and gestures, so many good solutions for those who would like to reclaim their sexuality, for a less standardized and more enjoyable practice.

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