TEST The Sims 4 Simtimity Collection Kits and Bathroom Objects: it’s suddenly hot, right?

A few days ago the two kits were released Simtimity Collection And Bathroom objects Game The Sims 4. The first promises us a CASE embellished with underwear a little more worked and detailed than those which are already there. As for the second, these are the decorations who are honored for our shower rooms. But what exactly are these two kits made of?

A big crush on the body.

Only expect to get new parts for upper and lower body in this kit. No hairstyle or other accessory. However, the few outfits offered are both casual and sexy. They highlight the body well. sims and fit in with the times, with tangy patterns and high-waisted cuts. Women’s underwear is really well done. Lace pieces look thin and fitted. A big crush on the bodysuit, which can also be worn perfectly on a daily basis, simply with jeans or shorts.

Some sets are a little more sporty, presenting wide elastic bands that mark well the waist and the hips. On the men’s side, we find (very) short as well as long, with contrasting patterns. The prints are sometimes a bit kitschbut we are in The Sims after all… The tops reveal the torso for most of them, which gives them a relaxed side. In short, even if the number of new parts available is not folichonwe feel that every garment has been worked with carewith harmonious colors.

As for this kit, it offers us a good thirty decorative objects for our bathrooms. Everything you need is present: tubes of toothpaste, toilet paper, electric toothbrush and razor, hair dryer, bath mat, lotions of all kinds… and even a denture glass! A big plus for this diversity of proposed objects. On the other hand, if we want to position them correctly, it is imperative to use the cheat code “bb.moveobjects on” and play with the positioning in height and within the grid.

If you value quality, Simtimité Collection is for you.

Another downside: none of these items are playable, in the sense that they are only decorations. We would have liked two or three animations, with the hair dryer, the toothbrush and the electric razor for example (and yet there was plenty to do with the recent introduction of hair in the game). Nevertheless, these objects bring an extra touch of realism to the bathrooms and make them a little more “lively”.

test the sims 4 bathroom objects kit 001

These two intimate kits fulfill their purpose: one beautifies the body, the other enriches the environment of our sims. If you value quality, Simtimity Collection is made for you. If it is quantity, then Bathroom objects will satisfy you.

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  • Diversity of the bathroom objects kit
  • Simtimity Collection Kit Parts Quality

The lessers

  • Few new features in the Simtimité Collection kit
  • Non-playable decorations from the Bathroom Objects kit

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