Testimonial: I followed a retirement preparation course: Current Woman Le MAG

Philippe, 62: "I didn't get an answer, but I asked myself the right questions"

"I will not go to the retirement that in a year but, last year, I decided to do a preparation internship * as part of my continuing education. I work today as a part-time public servant, but I have also had a military career in the past. I wanted clarification on the liquidation of my retirement, on how it would be calculated. The first module of the course was devoted to these questions. He was supervised by a lawyer specializing in labor law. Since there were only five of us, he was able to look at everyone’s situation. Facilitated by a psychologist, the second module interested me less a priori but I recognize that, if it did not give me answers, it helped me to analyze things, to ask me the right questions. I felt like I was facing myself, being able to speak without being judged, much like in a psychotherapy session. As a single person, it is true that being out of work scares me a little. I am afraid of feeling even more lonely, especially since I live in the Paris region, where lives are very compartmentalized. After I retire at the end of 2020, I will surely leave for the provinces, but I don't know which city yet. During this internship, they also advised us to follow a precise calendar listing all the steps to be implemented before the departure date. When the time comes, I will surely apply this method to better build my project. "

* Gereso "Preparation for retirement" internship (gereso.com)

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