TESTIMONY. “I died and went to heaven, there’s nothing to fear”

32-year-old Courtney Santiago’s heart briefly stopped during a medical examination. And it gave her a glimpse of paradise…

The facts took place in July 2022, when a young 32-year-old mother, Courtney Santiago, was a breast exam. Courtney is indeed a carrier of the BRCA-2 gene, which favors breast and ovarian cancer, which pushes her to regularly undergo preventive examinations. As the story goes Sun and according to the videos she herself posted on her Tiktok account, it’s during one of these routine examinations that his afterlife experience took place. After being infused, the young woman explains that she felt bad and then lost consciousness, but in complete relaxation. “I wasn’t worried about leaving my body behind, nor my life, my son or my loved ones – none of it seemed important.”she says.

Like many such experiments, Courtney Santiago was soothed rather than panicked as she approached death. “There was no concept of time, just a feeling of absolute peace” she continues, describing what she saw in this dreamlike state, a set of places close to her heart as well as a man, familiar but whom she had never met, who reassured her. “I’m sure what I saw was the in-between, it was more than just discomfort.“The mother of the family actually suffered vasovagal syncope, a rapid drop in blood pressure and a decrease in heart rate that led to loss of consciousness.

A difficult return to reality

This loss of consciousness pushed her to see paradise according to his video, and a priori there would be nothing to fear. “It’s wonderful. When you die, you don’t leave completely and you’re happy where you’re going,” she said. ‘It went on for what felt like days or even years, until I felt sucked in and heard’Courtney, are you with us?’ And at that moment, apart from the immense peace that came over me, I felt a deep sadness at the thought of having to leave this place.”. Being herself in the medical field, Courtney Santiago is aware that she has been unwell, but also knows that it was nothing ordinary. In the comments of his videos, several people testify to similar events that happened to themincluding a woman who survived a cardiac arrest who simply says “4 days in a coma. I believe you, I knew it“.

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