TESTIMONY I hate my daughter and sometimes I hesitate to call social services

This mother can no longer stand her own daughter, who has become undrinkable over the years. Tired, she sometimes hesitates to involve social services! Helene (assumed first name) is at her wit’s end. In a long testimony published on the Mumsnet forum, the mother of the family opened up about her very complicated relationship […]



On 05/24 at 01:44

The girl most certainly suffers from the absence of her father on a daily basis. Not to mention that there may be other problems that the mother does not talk about (either out of ignorance or because she refuses to see reality in the face). Easy to criticize children, but they have been shaped (even broken) by their parents and their choices. We have to stop believing that parents make decisions and that children just have to adapt! You made kids, their well-being comes before yours.

On 05/24 at 00:57

children often become bullies

On 05/24 at 01:45

We have the children we deserve.

On 05/23 at 21:03

Well .. you shouldn’t have done it .. but the social pressure was the strongest ..

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