TESTIMONY. “I worked as a plumber for the owner of a label. He heard me sing and offered to make an album”

This 49-year-old father was nicknamed “Kev the singing plumber”. But he didn’t expect his compositions to come out of their closet.

This morning in July 2021 is a very ordinary day for Kevin crane. This friendly British plumber works on the construction site of a villa in Leicestershire, England, where he has to go and install the plumbing of several bathrooms. If some workers like to whistle while working, Kevin sings like a nightingale. In his small village of Quorn, his reputation is made and many nickname him “Kev, the plumber who sings”.

He systematically carries his portable radio with him and, unless politely asked to stop, he shamelessly picks up everything on the device, from Dua Lipa to the Beatles. And if the radio is down, it resumes a cappella his favorite titles. That morning, as he is installing the plumbing in Paul Conneally’s house, he is humming Burning Down the House, a song from one of his favorite bands, the Talking Heads. But that day, the owner, 62, listened with a professional ear.

“It’s the kind of story you read in the newspapers and always happens to others”

Indeed, Paul Conneally runs a small independent music label, New Reality Records, launched during the first confinement, in April 2020. For several days, he has been impressed by the vocalizations of his plumber. “Kev sings all day to the radio. I told him he has a good voice, explains the producer. He then confessed to me that he had written and recorded songs in his home studio. I invited to send me some models. I was blown away by his writing and his attention to detail in producing a sound that is both very 1980s and very current. “

Convinced by Kevin’s talent, he then offered to produce his album. “I was stunned, says the lucky 49-year-old. This is the kind of story you read [dans les journaux] and that always happens to others. ” A new career may be opening for the pipebird, married with two children. His songs are now available to everyone. His first album, Why Can’t I Be You? (Why can’t I be you?), Available at Youtube, as well as a few other performances, are already close to 30,000 plays.

A series of local concerts, “discreet and stripped down”, is organized

An honorable score for titles that come from an unfinished album that the apprentice singer had started to compose twenty-five years ago! Kev, who admits having learned the basics of music production on his own by watching YouTube videos, is delighted with this unexpected spotlight. And the adventure is not over yet. No music video on the horizon, but a series of local concerts “discreet and stripped down” is getting organized, according to Paul Conneally.

He ensures that he is in contact with “helpful, willing and talented associates in LA and New York” in order to consider collaborations with his new artist. “It’s downright surreal. I can’t believe something like this is happening to me!”, rejoices Kev, who is already writing new songs in his spare time, because it is out of the question to abandon what has been his livelihood for eight years. He remains above all a plumber with a nice touch of voice.

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