tests, vaccines, isolation … what rules for going abroad (and coming back)?

By Gary Dagorn, Romain Imbach and Mathilde Damgé

Posted today at 5:19 p.m., updated at 5:22 p.m.

Where can we go on vacation this summer, and with what health constraints related to Covid-19? Free access, vaccination or cure certificate, PCR or antigen test, self-isolation or controlled quarantine measures in places designated by the authorities of the country of arrival … the conditions for entry abroad are very different depending on the destination. While some of the member countries of the European Union (EU) have agreed on harmonized rules, this is not the case in many other states, where the protocols vary widely.

The world has drawn up a list of 55 countries (all EU states, as well as the main tourist destinations of the French) in order to draw up a summary of the entry and return conditions for travelers residing in France. A work carried out using the information sources of each of these countries, as well as the publications of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since June 9, the French government has established a ranking of countries according to a color system (green, yellow, red) defining, depending on the health situation, the conditions for entry into France for their nationals, or for the return of French people there. We were inspired by this classification, adding the requirements formulated by the various countries to welcome French nationals. The map below summarizes this classification.

Access conditions for French travelers

Fly over the countries for details (entry and exit).

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closed (except compelling reason)

open (under conditions)

not studied

This table, more complete, details the conditions of access to many other countries of the world not shown on the previous map.

Precision: the information below is likely to change frequently, depending on foreign government decisions, and the evolution of the pandemic. We therefore specify the date on which each country is up to date.

Tourism: entry conditions in country

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