Texas, new Eldorado for Bitcoin?

Bullish on BTC – Texas continues to be a favorable jurisdiction for the growth of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general. According to recent statements by the state governor, this policy seems to be continuing.

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Texas: home of Bitcoin

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, confirmed its support for Bitcoin. In a video posted by the Documenting Bitcoin account on Twitter on November 26, he noted that his state saw the future of Bitcoin, which “ is at the forefront of innovation in the world “.

In this context, Texas wants to contribute to the development of Bitcoin. Not only does the state promote cryptocurrency, but it also provides a platform for industry players. Texas thus offers the latter a crypto-friendly destinationwhere they can settle.

And unlike some jurisdictions that criticize Bitcoin by referring to the amount of energy consumed by its mining, the Governor stated that “ Bitcoin is good for the power grid “. Greg Abbott clarified that the state power grid was open and independentunlike that of other states which is heavily regulated.

On the regulatory side, Greg Abbott said the state has created a task force to determine the type of legislation that will increase Texas’s attractiveness for cryptocurrencies. The state would be against over-regulation and would even define itself as being anti-regulatory.

Texas is thus positioned at the opposite of New York State, which decided to implement the restrictions related to Bitcoin. Greg Abbott reassures the crypto community for now, with these pro-Bitcoin statements.

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