TF1 seizes Arcom following a sequence in “TPMP” on Alain Chabat’s late show

Louise Bernard, with Solène Delinger

TF1 decided to seize Arcom following a sequence broadcast in “TPMP”. Last Friday, Cyril Hanouna’s team commented on Alain Chabat’s late show, the new show launched by the front page. And, according to the channel, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists would have spread “false information”. The host notably claimed that the guests were paid 100,000 euros to participate in the show.

La Une announced in a press release to seize the Arcom following last Friday’s show. Cyril Hanouna and his columnists commented on the new program launched by TF1, Alain Chabat’s late show. And they would have broadcast “false information”, according to TF1.

TF1 denounces a desire to “denigrate the show”

Cyril Hanouna had notably claimed that the guests were paid 100,000 euros to participate in the show. What TF1 and the producers of the show “formally deny”, who specify that “all the invited personalities participated free of charge and on a friendly basis in this show”. TF1 denounces a “willingness to denigrate the show”.

Cyril Hanouna reacts on Twitter

The channel therefore asks the management of C8 to relay the denial during the broadcast Do not touch My TV this evening and announces to seize Arcom “in the face of the repeated nature of the provocations and attacks against the antennas of the TF1 group, so that it acts to put an end to these unacceptable actions”. On Twitter, Cyril Hanouna promises to talk about it again this Monday evening. He wonders: “When you bring a group from Los Angeles, is it free?” then, he adds: “We are going to refine our investigation and we will give all the figures. And the audiences, we invented them? Sorry to give the real audiences!”.

La Une also indicated in its press release that it reserves “the right to defend its interests by any other means”.

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