TGA 2022: Forspoken: an 11-minute gameplay presentation broadcast and a demo available!

The end of the year is near and most of the last major announcements will undoubtedly take place during the Games Awards 2022. Whether he is there like last year or not, Forspoken has decided to reserve a niche just for him at the end of the week to reveal himself more and more..

After a series of three presentation videos detailing its parkour magic, its spell-based combat and activities that will keep us busy through everything Athiawe will be entitled to a new insight into gameplay lasting 11 minutes this Friday, December 9 at 7:00 p.m.. While waiting to have a video stream to see it, a teaser has been shared by playstationwhich will be responsible for broadcasting this showcase, the game being a temporary PS5 exclusive, in addition to being released on PC.

Update : ultimately, Forspoken will also be present at Game Awards. We will add the video to this article when available.

Update 2 : oh the meatball PlayStation Japanwho shared a visual clearly indicating thata trailer for a demo will be releasedand therefore that we are going to have the opportunity to try this production signed Luminous Productions before its launch.

Updated 09/12/22 : Indeed, a trailer broadcast to Game Awards made official the Forspoken demo, which is now available on the Playstation Store ! You can now view the showcase above, but beware, because of the spoilers unwanted are part of itat least from our point of view, which we will discuss in the following lines.

This is Ella Balinska, the actress who gave life to Freywhich featured three distinct segments of gameplay. The first introduced the confrontation with Tanta Sila at the beginning of the adventure, which will attack the city in retaliation for the actions of Frey and kill the young Sophie who fell in love with her. Inevitably, it will not pass and we will infiltrate his castle. A tough verbal altercation will then be followed by a boss fight, the outcome of which is not shown. The second part served to illustrate the threat posed by Mist Beastscreatures corrupted by overwhelming miasma Athia. Finally, the third, much more sensitive, showed us that Frey will manage to return to New York… or not, because it will be a copy created by tanta olas to trap her. This is typically the kind of surprise that we would have preferred to discover in game.

The release date of Forspoken is set for January 24, 2023. You can pre-order it on Amazon at a price of €74.99 and visuals are available on the next page.

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