TGA 2022: Post Trauma, a renowned publisher and a necessarily retro gameplay trailer for the surival-horror inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill

It’s been a few months since fans of survival horror follow the development of post-trauma. The title inspired by the first resident Evil and silent Hill was also entitled to a playable demo last year. Red Soul Games is not done with the production, but he has just ensured a certain serenity for the last stages, by partnering with the publisher Raw Fury.

The news was given during Game Awards 2022with a new trailer still captivating as a bonus. We find there Novel, a train driver who will find himself in a horrifying and surreal world. The demanding survival mechanics, puzzles based on understanding the environment, the fixed camera and other reminders of the origins of the genre should appeal to fans of survival horror of yesterday and today.

Post Trauma screenshot 2 Post Trauma screenshot 3Post Trauma screenshot 4 Post Trauma screenshot 5 Post Trauma screenshot 6Post Trauma screenshot 7 Post Trauma screenshot 8

Only problem, post-trauma still doesn’t have a release date or even a release period. It is for the moment planned only on PC, but if the success is there, we can hope for future ports on consoles.

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