TGS 2022: Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection online features in development for compilation

Last June, during a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Capcom unveiled a new compilation for its license Mega Manthis time bringing together the main episodes of the sub-series Battle NetworkWhere Rockman.EXE in the Archipelago. As expected, the publisher’s presentation for the Tokyo Game Show 2022 allowed us to have news of Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collectionalthough there was nothing transcendent announced.

Thus, the selection screen for the different episodes will show a full 3D version of Mega Man.EXE as a Navigationequipped with voice synthesis and which will therefore display various reactions depending on the style of play and control chosen, resuming the form of the menu PET known to players. But the most interesting is the online feature announcement for all 10 included games, as confirmed by director Masakazu Eguchi. We can thus take part in battles and exchange tokens on the web. Otherwise, it was recalled that a filter will be applied to the image to “provide a softer rendering”, a choice that is still just as debatable, and that a mode Gallery will include more than 1,000 illustrations and 188 music, something to delight fans.

However, still no release date for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, expected simply in 2023 on PS4, Switch and PC. Previous compilations of the license are available at the house of Gamesplanet.

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