TGS 2022: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the Purple Mizutsune, the Awakened Chameleos and the new features of Update 2 in video

As part of his presentation for the Tokyo Game Show 2022, Capcom promised to talk again about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, its flagship game available on Switch and PC. After one Update #1 last August, it is already time to take stock of the next one expected for the end of the month and whose we had already been able to discover theSpines of fire in action.

This Update #2 airs Thursday, September 29 and will also add as monsters to hunt the Purple Mizutsune which glides around its prey and uses gas bubbles to injure it, which can also set itself on fire, and the elder dragon Awakened Chameleoswhich has established a symbiosis with the Qurio making it even more powerful. By overcoming these forces of nature, we will be able to make new weapons and armor with the materials they drop, in addition to obtaining new skills.

The Anomaly Quests will welcome the Gore Magala and theEspinaswhile the level of investigations will increase to 120 with new afflicted materials to obtain. craftsmanship Qurious will also be updated with additional anomaly locations and new weapon upgrades. But the most interesting thing is probably the introduction of Special weapons (of the transmog), a system to change the appearance of our equipment while maintaining the desired statistics. And not to change, a whole bunch of DLCs will be on sale (emoteshairstyles, stickers, Special weaponsspecial armor set of Master Arrow…) and Event Quests will continue to be offered regularly. Update 3 will arrive at the end of November.

If you want to get Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreakit is still sold on Amazon boxed (with a code for the extension) at a price of €59.99.

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