TGS 2022: Star Ocean: The Divine Force, Marielle and the Pandora theme by HYDE unveiled in a long new trailer, a demo approaching

For this first day of Tokyo Game Show 2022, Square-Enix broadcast a presentation dedicated to Star Ocean: The Divine Force in the presence of Subaru Kimura and Yuka Ōtsubo, the Japanese voice actors of Raymond and Chloebut also Fairouz Ai, whose character was unveiled on this occasion, a certain Marielle L. Kenny. We find her and many others at the heart of what is qualified in Japan as the ultimate trailer of the game, hence its length of more than 5 minutes.

In addition to the concerns posed by theEmpire on Alter IV, our protagonists will have to fight against the Pangalactic Federation. This organization has also destroyed theYdas of Raymond At the beginning of the story. More precisely, it is Marielle who started it, but will eventually join our team, the exact reason not having been given. The scenario stand-alone of this episode taking place in the year 583 of the space calendar will therefore make us explore the underdeveloped world ofAlter IVbut not only, because we will travel through space, in particular towards an ultra futuristic world where we will face mechs, which will change us from dragons and other more fantastic creatures. The video suggests that DUMA could turn against us in addition to being the key to evolution towards a stage of life transcending that of Humans. The mysterious samurai robot not officially presented is named him not a word and will also fight alongside us.

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You can rewatch the entire presentation below, showing a passage from gameplay in the presence of producer Shingo Mukaitoge from tri-Ace. We see there Raymond roam the royal capital Acendros of the kingdom ofAuceriuson foot and by flying using the Vanguard Assaultand fight outside the city against multiple enemies (with a big fail from Yuka Ōtsubo who nearly let his entire team die). It has been said that the gaugePA used to attack can be enlarged, while fast travel points will be used to navigate between destinations on the planet Aster IV, the game areas being well delimited with loading times between each. A fight in a cave against a batrachian boss ended the sequence by highlighting the abilities of Mariellewho fights with a gun or bare handswho we should recruit quickly since all team members were below level 20.

Star Ocean The Divine Force map 15 09 2022

Otherwise, a message from the singer HYDE was posted on the occasion of the revelation of the main theme of the game heard in the trailer, pandorawhose title is linked to the plot, but also the trailer with Japanese dubbing.

The release date of Star Ocean: The Divine Force is as a reminder set for October 27 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Steam). You can pre-order it on Amazon from €59.99. To wait, we will be entitled to a demo from September 20 at midnight, but only on consoleswhich will allow us to discover the first two hours of the game by embodying Raymond and this to the village of Delryk. It can be completed much faster if you do not take part in all the available events. On the other hand, nothing has been said about the possibility of importing our backup afterwards.

Star Ocean The Divine Force 15 09 2022

Finally, you can admire I’artwork final that will adorn the cover of the gamerealized by Akimanwith all the main characters, and therefore a priori playable, appearing there.

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