TGS 2022 update: Final Fantasy XVI, a new beautiful artwork seen on the show, Naoki Yoshida talks about the next trailer

the Tokyo Game Show 2022 has officially opened its doors and, among the participating publishers, we find of course Square-Enix. His line up is impressive and includes Final Fantasy XVI, the next numbered episode of the saga expected in the summer of 2023 according to the latest news. So, no, no new trailer in sight for the moment, but the people present on the spot were treated to a nice surprise.

As reported for a few hours, a user of Weibothe Chinese social network, shared photos ofa flyer like no other, featuring an unpublished illustration of FFXVI. As you can see, the launch period is remembered there and we see the protagonist in it Clive Rosfieldhis brother Joshua and Jill Warrick. Nothing new in itself, but it’s still a pleasure to see.

Final Fantasy XVI artwork TGS 02 15 09 2022 Final Fantasy XVI artwork TGS 03 15 09 2022

And since our editor-in-chief Martial is also on the scene, here’s a picture for you that completely shows theartwork :

Final Fantasy XVI artwork TGS 04 15 09 2022

Update : according Naoki Yoshidathe next trailer could be unveiled in October.

I haven’t had a chance to speak to the marketing or PR teams at all, so I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say, but I think we can probably release the next trailer around next month… And after that, I hope to be able to give a rough idea of ​​the release date.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released as a reminder on PS5 and we can’t wait to see more about it. In the meantime, we can take advantage of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunionavailable for pre-order at the price of €59.99 on Amazon.

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