Thanks to cooperation – Lenzing is now turning orange peel into textile fibers

Tastes good as a fruit or as freshly squeezed juice, provides a lot of vitamin C and also looks great as a decoration in a drink – the orange! Citrus fruit has recently become a raw material for Lenzing AG. Thanks to the cooperation with an Italian company, the Upper Austrians process orange peel into fibers.

The increased awareness of sustainability and the struggle of the fashion industry for a better image also let Lenzing AG get creative. It all began with cotton scraps that were converted back into pulp and the collaboration with the Inditex group, to which the Zara brand belongs. Now the company led by Stefan Doboczky is even turning citrus fruit waste into fiber for the fashion industry.

In cooperation with the Italian company Orange Fiber, a lyocell fiber is produced from orange and wood pulp. “We are bringing them out as a limited edition of our Tencel brand,” revealed Doboczky most recently at the presentation of the half-year results of Lenzing AG.

Origin in Milan
In order to be able to produce cellulose from the orange scraps at all, the Lenzing cooperation partner at the Technical University in Milan had developed its own technology. The fruit fibers are currently being processed into a new fabric collection that Orange Fiber will present in October.