Thanks to Kruse and Awoniyi: Union celebrates a perfect European comeback

Courageous, good game, ripped off: Union Berlin gave an excellent business card at its first international appearance in 20 years and can plan further European Cup nights. The iron won the play-off first leg in the new Conference League against the Finnish cup winner Kuopion PS 4-0. Moving into the group phase in the second leg in a week at the Berlin Olympic Stadium should only be a matter of form.

Attackers Taiwo Awoniyi (7th and 31st), Max Kruse (29th) and Andreas Voglsammer (90th + 2) scored the goals for the Bundesliga club, who was superior from the start. Above all, ex-national player Kruse, who six months ago hadn’t been “in the mood” for the Conference League, shone with his joy of playing. Kruse, involved in all three goals, was even more involved in building up the game after the departure of midfield boss Robert Andrich to Bayer Leverkusen.