Thanks to Nvidia and AI, gamers will say goodbye to scripted dialogue and use their microphone

Nvidia presented a new technology that could be truly revolutionary, from the point of view of gamers at least, during the high mass of Taiwanese computing, Computex 2023.

Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia, the famous designer of GPUs such as the GeForce RTX 4090, presented a technology leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence that could change the way we play video games. ACE for Games “breathes life into virtual characters with generative AI”. In practice, the electronics giant has shared a video in which a player named Kai chats with an NPC in a very natural way.

The interaction between the player and Jin, the manager of a ramen restaurant, is quite short, but it allows us to see that in the future, it will be enough topress a key to activate the microphone, and talk to NPCs. If at first glance, the concept is nothing spectacular, in reality, Nvidia had to collaborate with ConvAI, a company specializing in conversational AIs similar to ChatGPT.

Nvidia’s AI-powered tech helps create ‘smarter’ NPCs

As its designers point out, “the iPlayer interactions with NPCs still tend to be transactional, scripted, and short-lived, as dialogue options quickly run out and only serve to advance the story. Today, generative AI can make NPCs smarter by improving their conversation skills, creating persistent personalities that change over time and allowing for dynamic responses that are unique to the player”.

The company used several in-house technologies to edit this video. Nemo, first of all, is a framework allowing to deploy models ofGenerative AIs with billions of parameters. Riva provides the voice recognition solutions necessary to understand what you are saying, and finally Omniverse Audio2Face makes it possible to adapt the facial expression of the characters to the words they utter. The video available on YouTube is still far from perfect, the NPC is still a bit “rigid” for some people’s tastes observers, but it gives us a very good glimpse of what the future of adventure games looks like.

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