“That doesn’t convince anyone”: CDU politicians criticize Laschet’s election campaign

“That doesn’t convince anyone”
CDU politicians criticize Laschet’s election campaign

Falling polls cause dissatisfaction within the CDU. Schleswig-Holstein’s state chief Günther and the Eastern Commissioner Wanderwitz see the Chancellor candidate Laschet in the debt. You are calling for the election campaign to be reoriented.

In view of the weak polls, leading CDU politicians are calling for more momentum in their own party’s election campaign. Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther told the “Handelsblatt” about the election campaign so far: “That doesn’t convince anyone.” It now needs a more thorough discussion of the content. “We have to focus on the issues that are important to people.” The claim of the CDU / CSU must be “at least 30 percent” – and “we are currently not meeting our own demands,” criticized Günther.

The Federal Government’s Eastern Commissioner and CDU member of the Bundestag, Marco Wanderwitz, was also dissatisfied. “As a union, we have not yet managed to make it clear to the citizens that with Armin Laschet we have the best personnel offer and the best content offer,” he told the “Rheinische Post” from Düsseldorf. “We have to add more.”

Despite falling polls, nothing was lost for the Union a good six weeks before the election, said Wanderwitz. “My feeling is that many voters don’t really know who they want to entrust the country to after Angela Merkel. The CDU has to work out that red-red-green or a traffic light would lead our country into a dead end on the left.”

The polls for the Union and especially for the Chancellor candidate Laschet had fallen in recent weeks. The current trend barometer from RTL / ntv sees the CDU / CSU at 23 percent – and thus just ahead of the Greens (20 percent) and the SPD (19 percent). Laschet only got twelve percent approval in the survey.

“All pulling together”

Prime Minister Günther warned his party against a debate about the candidate. “We as a Union answered the question of who would be the top candidate for us in the election campaign,” emphasized Günther. “We are wisely advised to pull everyone together now.” He also expressly referred the appeal for unity to the CSU. “Because a common success that we achieve with unity is also a success for the CSU,” said Günther.

The CDU politician cited the flood disaster as the reason for the Union’s previous difficulties in the election campaign, which required Laschet’s attention and prevented him from participating in the election campaign. “This allows you to have a certain hangover in the surveys,” said Günther. “But hanging also means that things have to go up again.”