“That is very burdensome” – young farmers frustrated by the “poison splash verdict”

Environmental activist Franz Sölkner recently celebrated a legal victory: The farmers’ union had sued him for two posters with the message “God protect us from poisonous farmers”, but flashed in the second instance; we reported. A verdict that frustrates many young farmers, according to a spokesman.

Teachers, doctors, journalists – and, of course, farmers are familiar with this: their work is often commented and evaluated from outside.

Seppi Kaiser (34) from Weitendorf, who took over his parents’ pig breeding business with his wife ten years ago, finds drastic words: “There are so many people involved in agriculture who have no idea. The wrong information and representations are very stressful. ”That is one of the main reasons why many boys hesitate to take over the farms.

“We are not poisonous splashes”
Currently, the resentment is particularly great, says Kaiser. The civil court has dismissed an action brought by the farmers’ union because of Sölkner’s posters. The latter should have revoked his statements and never put up posters again. “That affects us very much. In Austria we are anything but agricultural industry, but primarily family businesses. We are not poisonous splashes, we use registered pesticides. “

Poster is only aimed at “black sheep”
According to Sölkner’s lawyer Werner Diebald, there can be no question of a general attack on farmers: “Not all farmers were vilified, the poster is aimed at the black sheep.”

According to the civil court, the statement on the posters was permissible in the context of freedom of expression, and no one was specifically accused. In addition, other court rulings in the past would also show that “harsh language is allowed in health issues,” says Diebald.

Bauernbund is not giving up yet
The farmers’ union does not give up and wants to go on to the Supreme Court, but has to file an application first. So the last word in the cause has not yet been spoken.

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