That is why Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry do not show their daughter

It’s a disappointment for many Royal fans: They expected Duchess Meghan to publish a family photo on the occasion of her 40th birthday. Because it would have been the first time that she and Prince Harry (36) allowed a look at their two-month-old daughter Lilibet. But the two continue to keep a big secret about their youngest offspring. “That fits in with the new Sussex strategy. They don’t instrumentalize their children to get attention, ”explains aristocracy expert Anika Helm von «Aristocratic world».

After the two royals themselves repeatedly had to make negative experiences because of their fame, it is now their top priority to protect son Archie (2) and daughter Lilibet. “We haven’t seen a real photo of Archie for a long time either, only sections where most of the face was covered. Prince Harry himself explained how he suffers from the photographers to this day, how every click of the camera tears open old wounds. He wants to prevent that from happening to his children, ”says Helm.