That’s how bullish Elon Musk’s plans are

A lot of fuss about Twitter: The blue verification tick has been a fee for all accounts since April 1, which caused a dispute with the New York Times, among other things, the Dogecoin logo temporarily replaced the well-known Twitter bird, Twitter was even renamed and is now official Part of X Corp holding company. The very fresh partnership with eToro should make it possible to buy stocks and cryptocurrencies via the original short message service. What are Elon Musk’s final plans with Twitter and how will this affect the crypto market?

How will Ethereum and staking providers benefit from the Shanghai update?

Since the successful Shanghai update and the associated Shapelle update of April 12, ETH stakers have been able to use their ETH stakes, some of which have been staked since November 2020, again. That caused fear. Many feared a quick sell-off. We show that it didn’t happen. The development is even very bullish for Ethereum. And still other projects will benefit from it.

We also take a look at the German project Radix. The associated XRD coin has increased in value by 67 percent in the last week. But what is this project all about and why could it have a very tolerable future?

You will also find out the most important dates of this trading week and, as usual, the currently relevant price targets for Bitcoin await you at the end.

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