That’s the hardest sex position


You like sportive challenges? And you like sex? Okay, then maybe this position could be something for you …

As we all know, sex can fulfill all sorts of functions: intimacy and closeness to the partner, variety, reconciliation, stress reduction, pastime, simply pleasurable pleasure, switching off, doing something good for one’s own body – and then putting one on their to-do list Hook behind the point workout. This aspect of the most beautiful sporting activity in the world is particularly evident in one position: the upright 69er.

Yes, you see right: The upright 69 is the 69 in standing and in an online survey of well over 1,000 Europeans and Americans she was by far the most exhausting and uncomfortable sex position ever voted (in second place was anal sex, but only marginally) – Of about 43 percent of men and 57 percent of women. 

Why is the upright 69 so exhausting?

No wonder, after all, the standing part (for heterosexual pairings, the man, in the case of homosexuals the stronger and heavier one) needs a good deal of strength to hold his sexual partner, who in turn has good body control, coordination and tension. In addition, the head-over-person has to deal with the fact that it flows a lot of blood into the pear – but you could try that for example times on the horizontal bar … 


How does the upright 69 in practice?

However, not only is it difficult to keep them in this position, but also to take them in the first place! Professionals recommend to the strong sexual partner, first to lie down on the bed or couch, feet on the floor. The Reckturnerin can now comfortable in 69er pose on him put on it – legs best ever lay around his neck. Then it says for the below part: get up! Hold the other by the back. 

Who gets it – respect! Who gets it and also has fun – double respect! And if you just want to give it a try, put many pillows or a mattress on the floor