The 10 worst book adaptations: celebrated as a novel, feared as a film!


Celebrated as a novel, feared as a film. This is the case with some book adaptations that have found their way into the cinema. You can find out here which 10 book adaptations you can save yourself.

The 10 worst book adaptations (Source: / Collage: Netzwelt)

Film adaptations of novels are a godsend for Hollywood. After all, the stories are already finished and, as bestsellers, the books bring with them a fan base that will most likely also be interested in the films.

However, the implementation requires a sure instinct. A 1:1 adaptation is only possible in the rarest of cases, the scope of a thick tome simply does not fit into two hours of film.

Nevertheless, a good book can become a good film if the audience doesn’t cling too tightly to the template.

Good evidence of this can also be found in the recent past and many viewers may not even be aware that “Jojo Rabbit” or “The Irishman” are adaptations.

Occasionally, however, a film adaptation of a novel backfires completely and disappoints book connoisseurs and material newcomers alike. The 10 worst book adaptations can be found in the following list, have fun!

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