"The 12 noon shots": who is behind the mysterious star? The first clues revealed: Current Woman The MAG


Two weeks ago, Antoninus rose to the rank of master of 12 noon shots. At only 20, he eliminated Colas, who had previously ousted Eric. Very invested in the game of TF1, the young man, originally from Picardy, has already discovered a mysterious star, for which he has received many gifts. And the next numbers will be difficult for the candidate. Indeed, the new mysterious star contains more boxes than an ordinary star and, only two clues are available in the emission. On the image, we can see rice paper walls typical of a Japanese house and a porcelain vase. However, this is not enough for Antonin to find a link between these clues and a personality. During his last participation, he mentioned the name of Cyril Féraud, animator on France 3, but without success. Previously, he had proposed Cyril Hanouna, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Fauve Hautot, Teddy Riner and Shinzo Abe.

Antonin's kitty in The 12 noon shots

For the past few weeks, Antonin has been raising his kitty for each of his participations. In an interview with TV Mag, he revealed that he had encountered some money worries in the past. "Last September, my bank card was blocked due to an overdraft of 500 euros. I no longer had a round. I was making the drawer funds to be able to buy food and my roommate had advanced me 'money." With the nice check that he is already certain to touch thanks to the broadcast, the candidate claimed to be now immune to need. However, he would not take advantage of it to burn. "My roommate tells everyone that I [had] not changed, I'm still tight", he concluded.

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