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They are on average 3 million to gather daily in front of TF1 to watch The twelve strokes of noon. If the show presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann has enjoyed continuous success since its launch almost a decade ago, it is both for the good humor of the host but also for the incredible knowledge distilled by the candidates. . Each day, three of them try their luck on the set to dethrone the reigning midi master. The most ambitious even hope to equal the greatest champions of the game show like Eric, the number 1 who accumulated 199 participations and 921,316 € before his departure on June 19, 2020, or Paul (alias WikiPaul for regulars), the young autistic sprinkler who managed to climb to third place on the podium with 153 participations and € 691,522.

Bruno tries to win a third star

Since January 18, 2021, it is Bruno's turn to fight to keep his midday master trophy. And he seems pretty well on his way to becoming one of the show’s big champions! Indeed, the young man managed to win two mysterious stars in just 31 participations. Friday February 19, the sound of victory resounded again on the set. So inevitably, since then, the noon master has to tackle a new star. But for now, the clues are rather meager. The only element that can be seen is a bridge, and Bruno cannot determine in which city this one is located. After Meghan Markle and Vanessa Paradis, the candidate this time suggested the singer Angèle. Unfortunately, that was not the right answer. His prize pool now amounts to € 174,230.

The indices as of Tuesday February 23, 2021:


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