the 15 most effective treatments

For prevention or to reduce existing stretch marks, discover our selection of the best anti-stretch mark treatments to apply to the stomach, thighs, chest or even the buttocks.

Hormonal changes, weight gain, pregnancy… Stretch marks can appear throughout life and on many areas of the body including the stomach, breasts, buttocks, hips, thighs or arms. If it is difficult to make them disappear completely, it is possible to prevent their occurrence or of blur them thanks to treatments specially designed for this effect. This is why it is often advised to use this type of product throughout pregnancy or during the pre-menopause period.

These anti-stretch mark treatments come in different forms: in cream for easy application, in oil for a richer and more nourishing texture, in gel for a refreshing effect, in lotion for a zero-material effect. The ideal? Opt for the formula that will make you want to apply your treatment the most because the true effectiveness of these products is also based on the recurrence and the regularity to which you apply them.

The most effective anti-stretch mark treatments

Opt for an anti-stretch mark treatment containing nourishing and repairing active ingredients but also for ingredients that improve skin elasticity. This can be hyaluronic acid, arnica, centella asiatica, certain vegetable oils (like sweet almond, avocado oil, rosehip oil which are rich in fatty acids and vitamins). During pregnancy, be sure to choose a stretch mark treatment specially formulated for pregnant women that does not contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to the baby. In particular, those containing essential oils, parabens and sulphates should be avoided.

Find our selection of the best anti-stretch mark treatments

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