the 15-year-old girl “did not get on the train” she was supposed to take

This is a new case of disappearance which worries the Plaine gendarmerie in Bas-Rhin. A 15-year-old girl, Lina, has been missing since Saturday September 23, 2023. With no news, a search was organized by the police this Monday September 25 near her town of residence.

Cases of disappearance are unfortunately not rare and in many cases the investigations end with the discovery of a lifeless body as was the case of Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kevin Trompat for example. But in some cases, the searches end up being successful and the missing people are found, as was the case of the young Shanyce, 15 years old, who disappeared for 4 days in July and who was finally found safe and sound. We can only wish the same thing for Lina, 15 years old, who has not given any sign of life since this Saturday, September 23, 2023.

The 15-year-old teenager disappeared while walking to the Saint-Blaise-La-Roche station from her home located in the commune of La Plaine in Bas-Rhin. A distance of around 3 kilometers over which something would have happened since according to the very first checks made on the line between Saint-Blaise-La-Roche and Strasbourg, the city where she was to go, no trace of Lina n was found according to the Saverne public prosecutor’s office. It was around 11:15 a.m. that the teenager was last seen when she had to take the train to join her boyfriend in Strasbourg.

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A call for witnesses launched by the gendarmerie

The latter, not seeing the young girl get off the train, immediately alerted his family who in turn alerted the authorities. Since then, despite the first investigations, no trace of Lina has been found by the investigators who closed the case of “disturbing disappearance“. According to the information collected, sweeping actions were organized “hiring a dog team» close to the places where the young girl could have disappeared as well as several beatings and a “overview of the area» by drones and helicopters.

A new search is planned for this Monday, September 25, 2023, led by the gendarmerie. The 15-year-old was dressed in a gray dress, a white down jacket and converse shoes of the same color. She is 1.60 m tall and has mid-length light brown/blonde hair. If you have seen or are likely to have information that could help law enforcement, please contact the Schirmeck gendarmerie on 03 88 97 04 71.

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