The 25 books in pocket format that you must read this summer!

Le Last Summer in town Gianfranco calligarich

What would August be without a masterpiece of Italian literature? Nothing. The Last Summer in Town is the great sad novel of this selection. But of a skull sadness, which does without tear effusion. Leo, a failed young literary man, leaves Milan to burn his memories in Rome. Malian will-o’-the-wisp, he plays the sweet life driving his Alfa but it doesn’t work. He wanders, drinks, sometimes enjoys while Arianna the fatal sinks her heels into his heart. Cult, of a prodigious sensuality, this novel is not a reading advice, it is a necessity.

Folio, 240 pages, €7.60.

By the way Woody Allen

During his lifetime, scandal generally holds the greatest place in the life of an artist. After s…

illustration: Dusault for “Le Point” – I READ (x2) – EDITIONS FLAMMARION

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