The 4 plants to put an end to humidity in your home


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Humidity can have negative consequences on health, but also on the condition of your house or apartment. Here are 4 ideal plants to put an end to the humidity in your home.

Green plants are not just there to look good and decorate your interior. Indeed, they can play several other roles. Some plants are known to purify the interior, others have depolluting virtues, while still others are ideal for combating humidity. Many homes, for lack of proper insulation or because of their location, are very humid. If in some cases it is necessary to carry out work to overcome it, plants can help other dwellings with less increased humidity. How do you know if your home is humid? Some signs are clear. If your laundry has trouble drying, your windows are condensing or if your paint or wallpaper curls, you probably live in a humid space.

Plants can help. Where to put them in your apartment or in your house? It all depends on the humidity level in each room. If your bathroom is the problem for you, then place it on a cabinet in that room. If, on the contrary, your kitchen seems damp, put one or two suitable plants in it. In addition to being effective, they bring a pretty colorful touch to your decoration.


They are great for absorbing moisture. In addition, they are very easy to maintain: even people who do not have a green thumb can adopt them without fear.


If you hang it up, it is ideal in a slightly damp kitchen or bathroom as it will absorb that moisture and clean the air. He has it all!


It is a plant which finds its “nourishment” in humidity and in the air. It will therefore help reduce this humidity. In addition, it can be placed in height, but also in a pot on your bathroom furniture or your worktop in the kitchen.

The “Boston” fern

This plant is very bushy and can be used to decorate your house or apartment. In addition, it is your ally against humidity and air pollution because it loves humid environments. You are now ready to plant!

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